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If you have an EQ that always helps certain problems or always gets in and makes something shine, help us manufactuers and recording engineers by answering any relevant questions below for us.

1) What is the EQ
2) Why generally do you like it? If there was specific feature that is unusual or really great, mention it.
4) What instruments/source does it shine on, more than other EQ's. (IE Vocals, Bright guitars, Drums etc)
5) Give us one setting that you go to often, almost by rote, that achieves consistent success

Personally, Im also especially interested in wierd EQ's that color, or maybe have dynamic filtering, or maybe programmability, or ones that saturate, etc.

Dont answer if you have like 10 favorite EQ's, please, since it will dilute the folks who do have some strong feelings. Its fine to mention the EQ on consoles, or old "not made anymore" EQs. Also, please don't badmouth any current manufacturer if you can help it. If you dont wanna give away a setting etc, dont worry!

Also, if you agree vehemently with someone else, its helpful to just post "I agree with Billy Bob, 100%" . This helps weight the responses, as opposed to just adding another piece of gear to the list... Theres a lot of EQ's out there!

I loved Massenburg Parametrics during mixdown if there was one around, (or more often, a decent lower end parametric such as an ASHLEY SC-66) for Bass Guitar. Common moves would be to pull out a narrow band between 300 - 500 Hz maybe 3 - 6 dB, and add 800 to 2000 for clarity over small speakers (sometimes over 10dB), and then close down the high end with the last band up around 4K (or even lower if I didnt have the Massenburg HF Shelve). Sometimes Id roll off or pull out the sub mud too, like 40-80 Hz and below, especially on direct signals, and leave that area for the Kick drum. (Im pretty certain this is a very stock Bass DI EQ setting for some others on here). I loved the ability to switch the hi/low bands into shelving, and the massive headroom on the Massenburg stuff. They never clipped I dont believe. The extra 5th band compared to some EQ's is a huge plus. The controls were smooth and seemed consistent from one unit to another.

Forgive me if this "Favorite EQ" has been beat to death as a subject on here. (Im sure it has!) At some point, I will start asking what users would like to see and other weirdo EQ questions. Remember Ive only been on 4 days!