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Asking for specific settings is not going to get you anywhere because they are a) dependent on all kinds of other settings and b) will sound very different in different musical/sonic contexts.

Best thing you can do is what everyone else finally settles down to do when they're learning and finally realize that asking for all kinds of twiddly specifics is a fool's errand that just results in noise instead of information:

Sit down with the musical material you are interested in and use your ears. Then, working at your DAW, experiment with different settings until you can begin to capture what you're looking for.

Sure, you'll find bozos telling you stuff like always set the widgetizer to -23 dB with an input slope of blah blah blah... but there are no always's in recording.

When you are dealing with complex matrices of devices, each with a number of parameters, having a "magic" number on one is meaningless because all the other devices and their settings will change the context and maybe the specific operation of the device in question.

Go, listen, experiment, have fun.

Make music.