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Ah, pan hard right or left! Thanks!

It's strange, Core Audio is indeed 18 i/o and when I select outputs 9&10 there's signal being sent out of logic-- there just isn't any audio reaching my optical soundcard.
Right, well it's a case of troubleshooting then.

Firstly - is your ADAT output set to adat and not spdif optical? (HW setup on the coreaudio driver).

Reduce it to the basics - firstly, 9/10 might be the SPDIF output, not the ADAT output - try using 11/12 or 15/16 as well, just to check.

Try looping back - connect the adat out to the adat in on the 003. Set up some aux channels monitoring the ADAT inputs (maybe mute them for safety). any signal? if so, the problem is with your external converter.

Is your external converter clocked correctly - not showing any errors, looking for clock from the ADAT input (or Word clock if you've got that connected)? What external converter are you using? you could try clocking the other way round (ie clocking the external converter internally, and the 003 to this, if you connect the converter ADAT or WC output to 003 input).