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What computer and what DAW are you guys using and recommend for the Oprheus ?

We will probably go for a new Imac I7 and use ProTools 8 unless there is some ill advice agains it. Then we need a 003 with will occupy the FW port ? How will the orpheus tackle that ?
I have a custom PC built by PC Audio Labs. 2 Quad Cores 3.0. 20G of RAM. RAID 5 and 0 configurations over 6 Hard drives with 4.5 TB. Running Windows XP Pro 32, 64, Vista 64 and Windows 7 32 and 64.

From what I hear you get more bang for your buck with 2 Quad core CPU's then one I7 CPU. The I7 CPU is still very new and expensive. So you'll be paying more because it's the new thing rather then it blows everything away.

For me I personally hate using Pro Tools period. The Audio engine sucks when compared to Logic, Cubase and Nuendo. I also hear that many people are having bugs due to all the new features that Pro Tools 8 has now. I personally think that Nuendo is the greatest DAW to do everything in now. From production, tracking to mixing, it's solid, works extremly well and most important it sounds great!

Don't waist your money with a Digi 003. That thing didn't sound good from the begining and will probably never sound good with all that's out there. The Orpheus kills all the competition. Many though come very close. And the units that do come close are around the same price range and from there it's a matter of personal taste and functionality.

You should also check out Mix Buss from Harrisson console. I hear that it sounds great. Only for mac though.

Ultimately you decide. Do your homework and make sure you choose what's best for you and your needs.