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I have had, and sold, an SSL Duende. Is it really like an SSL console ITB? In my opinion, not nearly -- at least sound-wise.

If you have a lot of experience working on an SSL console, then workflow-wise, you should feel very much at home. But I don't think there is much of an "analog" sound going on with the Duende. I was most disappointed with how similar the EQ sounds to any other digital EQ. And just as I initially suspected, the EQ nulls perfectly with the Cubase and Logic stock plug-ins.

Yes, you'd still be using the the Samplitude mix engine. You're getting very little saturation/harmonic distortion out of the Duende.

You'll likely hear a lot of opposing opinions to mine. They're all valid. And there's no denying that the SSL workflow is right there. IMO you should look into Nebula and the SSL console programs for that (Classic Logic Console). You can A/B a mix done with and without the Nebula SSL programs. The demo was made using fairly minimal drive (saturation) settings, but even so you'll still probably notice a pleasant difference.
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