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Nope, but Bruce Wayne would.
An original Strad of course, alone at night, in a huge wood paneled room with 50' ceilings that's empty except for an elegant wooden chair and a crystal glass of cabernet on the floor, with a huge fireplace at one end that casts a looming shadow on the far wall and an ethereal glow onto his face where we can see the tracks of tears ripped from him by the deep conflict between the beauty of the music and the terrible tragedy and sense of responsibility that drives him, as huge thick curtains billow into the room from the open windows, driven by the tempest outside that mirrors the tempest within his constricted chest and pounding heart, as a symphony (which isn't there but we can somehow hear it) swells to meet his emotional climax as he screams out against the injustice of the world with a single, pure, melancholic note of infinite sadness.