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I've tried Metric Halo, Waves SSL E/G Channel, UAD Neve 88RS, URS Channel Strip Pro, & Wave Arts Track Plug 5.

It's a tricky choice because the UAD Neve 88RS is the best IMO, but I wouldn't get a UAD card just for that plug-in. You don't have to worry about latency in Logic. It has plug-in delay compensation as well as adjustable buffers for tracking vs mixing.

There are only 3 or 4 plug-ins I still use on my UAD-2 card. Personally, I wouldn't get one right now if I didn't already have one. After the UAD, the URS Channel Strip Pro is my favorite. It's got tons of algorithms and while they are only a vague approximations of the hardware they're trying to emulate, they nevertheless sound great.

Metric Halo is also pretty good. I'm not really a fan of the Waves SSL channel strips. To me they sound no different than the other 2 Waves channel strips from 10 years ago. YMMV.