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No, I doubt it will sound good or make a good impression on a live crowd, especially in a small venue where they dont have a monster sound system.

The feel and excitement and sound of a live drummer in a small club just cant be replaced by a pre-recorded track.

Find a new drummer, doing it this way isnt going to help your sound or reputation as a great live act.
My band has been doing this for a while and it's fine if you make up for it by being excellent in all the other ways available (and if you're not doing that anyway, why are you having a band in the first place?).

Yeah, it's a compromise, and I'd prefer a real drummer. But we spent so long trying to find a drummer after our old one left that I got sick of it and made the decision that if we didn't pursue the compromise, we might as well give it up. Drummers are hard to find, and if you're making music that's unusual at all or lacks commercial potential, you are less likely to find anybody to commit to being in your band. Better that you make the music you have in your head with a backing track behind you than not do it at all.