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Hi, I got the Duende and it's the best set of tools I've got to work with I think. The plugs work as usual VST/AU's so you use them as any other plugs you got, and you can mix and match them with other plugs. The SSL console argument is basically the EQ, Dynamics and the Master Compressor that makes the "standard" package. You'll still use the mix bus in Samplitude.

Duende used to be DSP run, but is "hybrid" now. Some processing takes place at the DSP cards (SSL says so), but to keep latency down V3 works as normal native plugs. I think they are one of the best tools available to work with, so I'm pretty confident that you'll be happy. The tools are there, so it's more down to you to "master" them. You can get great results with a lot of plugs, but I personally like them a lot. They tend to make everything very "forward" and in-your-face, so a lot of people prefer Neve. It's just a matter of taste!
I wish there was a way to demo them.

What someone really out to do, is like I suggest: Use the channel sends of the host app to send out to a VST, hardware based mix environment. It would have its own mixer app, which coul run pre-or post vsts. Complelty bypass th hosts mixer, not unlike having a massive array of I/O, except not having to deal with all the conversions.