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Old 10th November 2009
SSL Duende: Really SSL console ITB?

Can someone explain in 100 words or less if the SSL Duende really provides console quality mixing ITB?

My understanding is that it is essentially 32 (or 128) channel strips that go in the channel inserts of every track of your hosts mixer. Also a mastering compressor that you put in the master bus. . But you are still dealing with the host applications audio and mix engine. how does this provide SSL quality console?? Does it bypass the mix engine? (Perhaps channel sends go to the SSL mixer and return through an aux bus, or some scheme like that, thus bypassing the host mixer? If so, that would be intriquing.)

Also, I saw the youtube video of v3, that says it leverages the host processor for its tasks. Doesnt that negate the benefit of an external hardware unit?

This thing looks amazing, but unless it bypasses the host's mix engine, we are talking about quality software plug-ins without any real way to demo them. I have wanted one of these for a while, it looks oh so cool, but my rational side says this is a gadget that doesnt fully deliver on the promise.

I am trying to separate the marketing hype from the real utility of this unit. I am a Samplitude user.