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Well, the plan for now is to use a laptop, probably using i-tunes or something. I know this probably isn't ideal. Like I said, we have awhile to figure it out. I figured just creating a playlist in itunes with our set list order and just running down the list. I would then run that through my interface via fw and out the interface into the mixing board.

Any tips would be great on's new to me and I'm looking for the best way to do it.
a laptop on stage is great if you are planning on triggering samples and music parts during a performance. in your case, make life easy as you will have less to carry around/set up and less chance for things to malfunction.

for your situation, i would make it simple by uploading your track to a digital playback device (ipod or something else) in wave format, run the output to a volume pedal, then to your mixer.