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Old 10th November 2009
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Very talented VO guy, but WOW is there a lot of compression on that piece.

Everyone here has told you right..Get a killer mic for vo, and a super clean pre. Everything else should be done in post.

For the promo/trailer sound..The big name guys are using Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mics. Pre will vary from talent to talent, but the Avalon 737 is one popular pre, as is the Manley VoxBox. Even the Avalon M5 would be great. Depending on your budget. If oyu have a smaller budget, I would suggest something like the Grace 101.

My question is: Are you just starting out in VO, or do you have some experience?

You will find that auditioning for gigs like this, the agent or whoever, will want raw, unprocessed voice. There are producers that will do the final mix and processing. Send in any auditions completely unprocessed. Once something is eq'ed or compressed there is no undoing it.