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2 of the analog outs are headphones L & R. So you can get 8 balanced line outs and 16 ADAT digital outs (at 44.1) plus 2 additional SPDIF digital outs. For non-critical situations, I suppose you could use the headphone L&R output as well.
Have and done on critical situations (but of course, those 2 are unbalanced.) The converter quality is the same as the regular lines you just have to calibrate levels first for the impedance difference (not a big deal)

...and as you rightly mentioned, that only deals with outputs. From the input side there are still 10 analogue. So techinically for the analogue channels, it's:
10 balanced analogue inputs
8 balanced analogue ouputs
2 unbalanced analogue outputs (low impedance; 30Ohm vs 75Ohm for the others)