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Thanks Jay for the comments and questions! Someone on here compared me to Jack Joseph Puig and I have to assume they had done some really good drugs prior to listening to whatever ungodly mix I had done. lol (I appreciate the complement but seriously, I was never a great Recording Engineer... Nothing remotely close to Puig!). I learned most of my engineering chops from John Patterson, a good friend who worked with Phil Ramone for years. Both Phil and John were huge influences on the Distressor Design, also. John actually came up with the name NUKE, when 200:1 just didnt have a "ring" to it.

Over the last year, I have only helped set up some recording and not done any recording engineering at all. Empirical Labs has kind of taken over much of my time and we moved to a real building at the end of last summer. Trust me when I say it keeps me busy. I do miss doing serious recording, just as I miss being a musician. The neat thing is I am currently planning a good Protools setup and have been buying classic gear for 3 years now. Mainly I will use it for personal projects and for testing more wacky gear.

Thanks for your question and complimentary comments.