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Old 10th November 2009
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TLM 170 on Kick ??

Sorry if this was a topic before,

Unfortunatrly the RE20 I intended to use for drum tracking this evening is not there. Now I need to use a different mic on Kick.

Not too many choices here. This is what I could try:

SM 58 in the Kick for some smack and tone ??
Speakermic close to the resohead
TLM 170 at a little distance ???

Does this sound like good idea or will the 170 die ??? Its a pretty loud Kick.

Or would it be even better to use the TLM 170 inside what do you think? I´ve never heard a SM58 in a kick?

Musically its going to be a Funk/Fusion/Pop thingy

Any suggestions welcome