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I will track (print) that way (with the 6:1 compression setting) a lot!

Remember that I do (did) mostly Rock stuff with a dash of RnB/Rap. I probably wouldnt use so much compression on a classical or even Jazz recording... although... i think OVER COMPRESSION is almost a friggin rule these days.

My lord when I listen to something like Red Hot Chili Peppers or really any modern rock recording, I guarantee Im hearing 20 - 30 dB of gain reduction or more, by the time the record goes from tracking to finished mix. Erasing (or gating) breaths is an absolute necessity on present recordings, theres so much compression on them.

(All the pros out there are going "Yeah?, AND YOUR POINT IS..?") (Laughing!)

Extreme amounts of compression on voices is just the way modern recordings are made these days.

Two things to remember about setting attack and decay times:

1) Really fast attacks are apt to make the vocal sound more squashed (unnaturally compressed). That being said, the 1176 which is one of the most used vocal compressors, attacks under 1 mS!

2) Really slow release times are also apt to make the vocal sound more squashed. This is because the peaks will be grabbed and the part right after those peaks will be "sucked out" since the release hasnt let it come back to a normal level yet

SIMPLY (and conversely) PUT: Slower attacks and faster releases will generally sound less compressed on most compressors. There are exceptions, SO LETS HEAR THEM!