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Actually there are 10 analogue inputs/outputs (your missing the ones on the front -- 2 of which are mirrored to the back but 2 which are completely separate)

And the answer to the digital ADAT, yes you can use all 16 of the ADAT i/o with the 10 analogue i/o (and actually you have 2 more i/o through the SPDIF) Total possible is 28 inputs and 28 outputs all usable concurrently at 44.1/48. At 2fs (88.2/96) the digital gets halved. You can setup the channel order (analogue first 10 or after the digital i/o and how the spdif is treated from the RME mixer setup/control panel)

I can't remember off the top of my head but I think the default is:
1-10 analogue
11-12 is spdif
13-28 is Adat

but as I said, you can flip to a different order (I always move spdif to 27-28 since I don't use it)