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24 outs w/RME Fireface 800?

Hi gang. I've got a RME fireface 800. If your familiar with this device, you know that it has 8 analogue outputs.

Q:Can I get an an additional 16 outs if I use the ADAT outputs connected to a D to A converter?

I've got an analogue recording desk and I'd like to mix with all 20 faders. It's a Ramsa WR-T820B with 20 inputs. Not a particularly "slutty" console to be sure, but I figure my mixes will sound fatter than INB mixing, right. Also, I hate "mouse mixing" in Logic when I can do realtime mixes on the board.

I'm looking at getting an APHEX 141 D to A converter. Will that do? I don't have the bread for an Apogee Rosetta 800. Is there anything in between?