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First off, the avalon is on the cleaner side (to my ears), so if you're looking for color, that prob going to be choice 3...

I've never tried the GAP73, but it does get alotta love here. However, my vote would be for the MA5. It's that magic touch for alot of things, but it KILLS ON VOCALS. I recently upgraded my chain with that, an RME ADI-2, and a RNLA. I almost **** my pants on the improvement (from a Focusrite VMP w/ DigCard). On top of that, you can then have 4-5 slots (depending if you go stereo) left for expansion with the 6 slot API. If you go VKing, you can get it for about 1100 (One MA5 and six slot lunchbox)...

Plus Avedis is maaaaaaad helpful. Emails back quick and is always willing to help on the technical side of things.