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Old 9th November 2009
Here for the gear

Question 3 Great Preamps Pick One for my Final Choice

ok here's what i have to work with

1-Golden Age Pre-73 Fully Modded $599 (none of that weak chinese crap)
Golden Age Pre-73

2- Avedia MA5 $799
Avedis Audio MA5

3- Avalon m4 $1000 (used)
Buy Avalon M5 Mono Pure Class A Microphone Preamp | Microphone Preamps | Musician's Friend

one of these will be my next pre amp im really steering into the first 2 i dont want to get suck in into the avalon

im looking for a nice sound little bit punchy with sweet color to my vocals
pre's running trough dbx 160 or art vla II

vote on your choice of pre and why then ill make my decision thank you