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Pre-Recorded drums for live shows

Hello there,

My band has been working on a mix of originals and covers for sometime to start gigging, however, we just got rid of our drummer last week for many reasons. Anyways, I am the singer, and used to be the drummer in the band when we first started out, so our new plan is to pre-record all the drum tracks in my home studio with me drumming to run through the PA while we play live. I would then play acoustic guitar and sing, and we have a bass player and another guitarist. I'm looking for any tips, suggestions, experiences you have had with pre-recording REAL drums. I am not interested in programming them in electronically, as I want to play an acoustic kit to get more of a live feel. I will be running everything through a mono PA, so here is my plan for recording:

Kick- Beta 52
Snare and Toms- Sm 57's
OH- (mono) AT 4050 over the kit
HH- AT 4041
Room- AKG perception 200

I want a direct clean sound, with just a bit of room for character. Again, I'm running this mono through the no need for stereo width. Just a good clean sound. I plan to play along to the cover songs we are doing through headphones to keep good tempo through the song, and will be testing a song or two tonight to see how it goes.

I'm mainly looking for experiences with this, and if it goes over well for a live crowd. We are performing popular covers that most people enjoy listening to from new stuff to old rock songs.

BTW: This was the original plan for the band, but we decided having a drummer would be best. 3 drummers later...we are back to our original plan of playing to backing tracks. Getting another drummer right now is just not an option and would take far too much time. We have a show in 3 months.