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Old 9th November 2009
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ADAM A7 - Room EQ & Tweeter settings?

Hi guys!
I just picked up making music after yeaaaars even thinking about it. I decided to go for the ADAM A7 monitors and got them used in great condition.

I was woundering is someone could explain the Room EQ and Tweeter settings that theres knobs for in the back of the monitors? Dont got any manual ..
I have them in my bedroom, a not very big non-treated room.
I havent mixed anything really so far with them, i just tried it fast
Heres the file if that helps

So i was woundering if someone could help explain how to use these settings.. i understand that it might be hard to give advice on settings since it depends on the room. But i thought id ask anyway since im a noob and dont know much about this matter =)