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Old 9th November 2009
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Feel free to make fun of me for asking this question. It sounds noobish, I know, and I'm sure we're all too cool to answer it... but I think it would be quite helpful in general to be able to listen to a particular song that has had good commercial success, and know what types of reverb and settings were used... then discern whether or not it's a close enough fit musically to make a starting point for doing something relatively similar.

Actually, my stuff sounds nothing at all like NSync or similar... but I'm specifically trying to use top 40 production on material that would not ordinarily fit that mould. My thinking is that I can make popular music that is jazzier, has a bit more going on so long as the other elements are there... right compression, reverb, vocal layering... to give it that pop radio sound. Now, the chords, instrumentation... heck, I've got 7 cowbells, 3 congas, a rhodes, and a horn section, and a string quartet going on one track... definitely NOT NSync...

but... I'm trying to do something different... rather than processing it like live music... or a jazz track... I'm trying to strip it down a bit... and simplify it so it can be processed with very simple punchy drums, very upfront vocals, etc... So your FIRST thought is "wow, that's going to be a hit" ad your SECOND thougt is "wow, that's a cool, interesting tune."

Anyway, I'm sure someone on here must have some knowledge of a particular tunes out there and what sort was used.

Generally, for that pop vocal sound, what type of reverb is being used? Is that a plate I'm hearing? Thin plate with long decay time?