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Old 9th November 2009
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Mixer amp remote channel control

I've been scouring the web for the answer/best suggestion for this, and I think this site is probably going to be my best hope! I work at an aquarium (non-profit, limited budget) and have a request to add remote volume control to our internal sound system. This scenario is this: 2 educators are in the main exhibit, each with their own wireless mics. 2 divers are in the big tank behind them each communicating with their own underwater mics. At this point, if the educators want to adjust the volume of any of the mics, they have to go into a back room, adjust, and come back. They want to have a way to control those individual volumes from the main exhibit.

I have 4 microphones feeding into a Mackie board which then ouputs to a Toa A512A amp that feeds into our building's sound system. The request is for independent control of the 4 mic volumes. It doesn't matter to me if it's before the Mackie, between the Mackie and the amp, or in the amp itself. I have found amps that have remote options by way of pentiometer, however, those only control the main out, not the individual channels. The mixer and amp have to stay in the back room, and re-running all of the mic signals to go somewhere before the mixer is an absolute last resort because of where/how these cables are run. It's about a 40 foot run from there to the closest acceptable place to install the volume controls. I'd really like to just use a simple wall knob to control each channel, but have no idea how to go about getting the right pieces in place.

Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to provide, and please ask as many questions as you may have!

Rob Jackson