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Old 9th November 2009
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The AWS has 24 mic pre's and is a wonderful tracking desk. its nice for mixing too.

I think someone is dishing you mis information based on what they heard and not what they experienced. However, back in the olden days before cellular telephones and when people still used these things called tape machines, i used to prefer tracking on an old neve and mixing on an SSL, though the mixes did actually do on old Neve's often sounded wonderful, and the tracking i did on SSL's wasnt half bad either.

I think the person behind the desk makes about 1000% more difference in the quality of the mix than the gear does, but dont get me wrong, gear matters to an extent. but great gear in mediocre hands will usually produce mediocre results.

Further to your question, i think a weel rounded studio should have a console that can do both tracking and mixing well. most good consoles cover that spread.