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Old 9th November 2009
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Reverb settings for particular pop tunes.

I've been doing some digging online to see if I can find some reverb settings for particular pop tunes out there. Basically just looking to see what in particular has worked for platinum pop artists... whether you worked in those sessions, or just know what settings were used.

In particular, anything like NSync or similar would be helpful as there is relatively little going on musically, so the focus is on the vocals and the reverb.

I realize it's only a starting point of course, but I am also producing pop music with a strong beat, drum machines, some layered vocals, and verses with lots of wide open space to feature the lead... so I would greatly appreciate if anyone has anything in particular to share about examples where they know what types of settings were used where I can hear the song and get a good feel for what it did in that particular place.

If not precise information, general settings for that type of music would also be appreciated... either for the music, or the vocals in terms of type of reverbs used, predelay and diffusion settings, etc.

I realize the typical answer to many such questions is it depends... on artist, music, etc... so I am asking specifically about modern dance oriented pop music... not ballads where the sound is drenched in oceans of never ending verb, but relatively rapid fire lyrics that are upfront.

I also happen to be working lately with IR's, and have a lot of the free libraries including Bricasti, various plates, echochamber's stuff, etc... and using space designer currently if anyone has particular info relating to them.