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Man I thought I was crazy and I was the only person doing this. When I mix a song (PTOOLS) I end up with several drum tracks also. Especially since Most Rap/RnB songs start out with 3 or 4 snares and kicks or bass sounds layered to begin with. I can easily end up with kick/snr/bass taking up 20 tracks What I do since I'm limited as far as DSP is I put the same RTAS Plugs on all of my Kicks/snrs Usually Compressor bank/FilterBank/Pultec BF or analog channel

in my own Productions I try to commit stuff to tape during production Layering different sounds as representative of the acoustic envelope that Thrill spoke of. I often filter the sounds using filterbank and resample them according to position in acoustic envelope for that song

(Man I must have a million different versions of every kick/snare in my sample collection.)

Also any time someone comes by with a piece of outboard that I don't have I process some sounds through it and sample it usually in SSC because it is so easy to use Protools strip silence and Export selected as files to get drums into SSC

Ok So I'm nnot crazy afterall