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Parallel compression?

Thrill and E-cue, What are the benefits of placing parallel compression on the entire mix (I never have) does it help to increase the apparent dynamic of the mix? One of my problems in mixes is getting my Kick/Snr to hit as hard as major label mixes. I have been using mults and parallel comps on my drums but never on my entire mix. I notice the drums in mixes that I like seem to hit sharply and get out of the way quickly. I have experimented with compressors/gates but It's a rough process using plugins sometimes. I try to implement sound replacer and layering to solve the problem along with mults and parallel comps
So you say a parallel comp onn the entire mix?

Would this help? or any other suggestions?

And what damn fool - blithering idiot would expect someone to mix a stereo mix? LOL

I'm crying laughing because I also get em all the time from people who want to complain about the mix. I have had folk to complain that I take mixing my own stuff more seriously than what they pay me for and therefore there mixes don't sound as good. As if It has nothing to do with the terrible sounds they bring me and the drum kits they try to use directly out of the Tritondfegad

Hip Hop kits in keyboards are about as close to real as the Guitars and Basses are.

I hope people someday realize good sounds lead to good mixes

OK I'm finished ranting and I'm back off to study for exams