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Old 5th May 2003
Originally posted by jho
TF, thanks as usual for taking the time to respond

Are you doing in PT? and if so are you printing these 3-5 tracks, so that each's time delay going in/out PT can be delt with? that's a lot of things to line up to prevent phase

For Kick, snare, and bass alone I can end up with 16 tracks in PT.

Yeah the delay sh*t is a drag!!!heh

That's why I've been on Digi to finally get around fixing it.

It is very time consuming, but I am so used to it by now that I don't really think about it anymore(except at the start).

It drives my clients crazy though.heh

They don't understand what takes so long. Its hard explaining that I have to compensate for all of the delays inherent in PT.