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Will I be able to stand tracking to digital now?

It seems that Dave Derr's apparently fine devices are designed to do some of what tape does- that harmonic enhancement, to cop Dave Hill's phrase, that makes my voice sound like my voice on playback.

I've found that plenty of harmonic enhancement is just enough- track to tape thru tubes, mix to the HEDD in process most times. Only touch the tape simulation on the HEDD 192 for jokey old time special effects, though- sounds nothing at all like what I lie about tracking to analog.

All this, to get a sound coming out of the speakers that resembles noticeably the sound I heard in the room- going for natural here, and finding that flat as a pancake all the way through to digital sure doesn't seem natural to me.

One wonderful thing about tracking to tape- if you hit it at the right level, it sounds right, not too many knobs to twiddle, each of which represents a potential and un-undoable disaster to the sound.

One good thing about music- when it hits you feel no pain. Let's try to keep it that way, or achieve that mythical state? I did find it was true of Bob and the W's.

So whatcha think? Anybody had their tapelust quenched by one of these Empirical (i love it, that means you listen and find out, hey?) devices?