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Originally posted by e-cue
This happens more and more these days because producers (aka, glorified drum programmers) are printing stereo instrumentals and not splitting the instruments on seperate tracks. I hate this like a mofo, esspecially when the tracking engineer did a poor 'rough' on the instrumental stereo track (even worse if they overcompressed). So you HAVE to do this with the music just to get some type of useable program material. The distressors opto setting is good for this because I can slightly mimic the LA2A in a stereo setting with more control. I usually do this across 3 mults (hi, mid, low) with different compressors with the distressor on the mid. Sort of like multiband compression.

So Mr. Derr, this is why we need the EL9, the Dismultibandor. (under $1,000 street price of course so I can buy 10 of them).


Excellent point!!

Hey maybe this EL9 can have a phase checker(adjustable of course) in each of the bands(very important when doing splits with stereo program material). Add some kind of mid/side processing feature.

Also how about a glorified "midband expander" on it. So you can suck out the room out of badly tracked vocals(recorded in sh*tty vocal booths and bedrooms) or tune into the leakage of a snare or kick?

Hey you can put me down for (2) of them...maybe(3).heh