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Old 29th October 2009
Here for the gear

1. Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity
This is a whole new wall of sound for me. It is a whole different take on creating this big up front mix with no gaps, but without relying on detuned guitars, big drums, and fuzzy distortion. Amazing, bury me with my ltd ed vinyl.

2. Throwdown - Venom & Tears
I had to chuck this one in. Despite the fact that its a bit 'heavy by the numbers' i think mudrock is doing a ****ing great job giving these guys a pounding dynamic, if that makes sense.

3. Eighteen Visions - Best Of
Almost a live recording, very organic but so devastatingly in your face great drums, awesome detuned guitars. The guitars just sound like they are right in front of you. Fav song - 'the psychotic thought that satan gave jesus', what amazing poetry.

4. Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty
Steve Evetts has a great knack of nailing the two heavy guitar styles - what i call the fender and the gibson. Or Esp/Gibson. Or jackson/gibson if you get what i mean. Small body v large body. This is the best example of the gibson sound. Kinda like eighteen visions, very organic, but the elements all come together to make it so driving.

5. SOAD - Mezmerize/Hypnotize
I had to put this one in because if no-one has heard it yet they really need to get onto it. I wouldn't base my career around the sounds, but it is super dry and just generally great individual sounds (great, not huge). An amazing experiment that i think paid off bigtime.

6. Lagwagon - Double Plaidinum
An amazing exercise in low end. A punk band, tuned to mostly E or drop D. Th majority (if not all) the album is in major keys - a total recipe for a weak as water album - But it is just so, so full of body and a great uniform sound over the album. Great songwriting, highly addictive. I wish i could get this sound for a metal band, it would pound.