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Well I just have to say I love my 1U racked SSL Xlogic Buss compressor. Been tempted to buy an old Grey Face from all the hype. Guys who own it swear that its better than the new. I really can't believe "better". But I can believe "different".

My SSL was one of few chosen bus comps that I kept in my studio after A/B testing some of the top names/brands in mix bus compression. Its just awesome and I used it alot.

I guess if you like rolled off highs and that old bass bump in old gear. Then the old grey is for you. I really don't like my mix bus comp changing the sound or color so much. I just want it to glue and compress 2-3dbs. If it enhances...thats good too.
Different is correct. When they went to the THAT VCA in '99 or whenever it was, it was because it sounded cleaner /clearer. It has a better distortion spec. Plus, the current generation G-Comps are available every day brand new from SSL. Old ones are hard to find and expensive. People hold on to them like gold.

Having said that, I worked in a studio for years that got the original G384 when it first came out in '89. It cost a fortune. We ran all our mixes through that baby and wow, to this day those mixes are among my favorites ever.