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Thanks Dave,

What I´ve experienced regarding the bass lost is, when you´re compressing alot (which everbody´s doin) the bass seems to be thinner. I watched the spectrum analyzer and the bass did drop quit a bit, both on kick and live bass.

Also on vocals, I did compress the hell out of it...... and it did get a bit noisy.....

And I don´t think that Rupert suck that much.....I´m not a tech guy, so I have no idea about his designs and solutions. I´m just not a big fan of his EQ´s. I do love his compressors however......
Regarding my user name, I´m not very proud of it. But when I signed on to gearslut I was so tired of everybody´s doing copy of Neve stuff. Neve this, Neve that.....So a better name for me would be "Copy Sucks".......heh