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Here for the gear

I do a lot of Pro Tools mixes without even using any outboard gear yes it comes down to knowing your plugins.

In my opinion and only from my experience these is what I think:

1. Pultec by BF has a really interesting high deffinetly there deffinately some personality here. I use it on any instruments and vocals where i want it to stand out specially for high end freqencies. Also, low boost turned up and attentuater turned up create some interesting sounds frequency overlap -really cool. Sounds great for airy bgds.

2. Focusrite eq. usually for cutting more than boosting. a high end a bit harsh I use it to add some aggressive high end.

3. Never really used TC EQ. Like you said it takes a lot of DSP to handle that plug in but I will experiment with it.

4. Waves Q, are refering to renaissance eq. I use it a lot it has a smooth glassy sort of sound. From Kiks to vocals.

One of my favorite eq. is filter bank and of course Pulter although I have to watch out for pultec since it uses a lot of DSP.