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Neve Sucks! said:

I don´t wanna be a crackhead, but is it only me that doesn´t like the Distressor??

LOL NO you arent the only one who doesnt like it! But thank god no one has asked for their money back yet. (Laughing). We even had someone with a client who hated the name so much they had them cover the word "DISTRESSOR" on the front panel when they used it.

Have you tried keeping the attack well above 5, and using it a little more gently? The beast can attack in a few microseconds which is really squashing. If its bringing the noise floor up on vocals or other digital recordings, it sounds like you may be using a whole lot of compression? Not sure though?

Also the Detector HP can keep it from compressing the sub frequencies too much. The box is flat down to a couple HZ, so it shouldnt be losing frequencies.

It is definitely not the best compressor for all occasions and not everyone's cup of tea. You are not alone. What is interesting is that you picked some sources that others say they use the Distressor for many times.. especially those low frequency sources you mentioned. Im glad you brought this up tho. Thanks!

Since Im new here I have to ask... Do you really think Neve Sucks, because Im a pretty huge fan of Rupert and think he was the master of musical transformer designs. He also was one of the first guys to make a transistor work way below .01% distortion. Im dying to sit down with him sometime and ask him a bunch of things. So what's the story on your name?