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I don't have any brilliant technical insight on how to use the Distressors on the mix buss, but I have done it myself as experimentation and have some thoughts.

As far as stereo image the image link mod is dramatically better than the "Detector: Link" setting. I think that some who discuss reservations about the Distressor as a buss compressor may not have done this mod yet.

The Distressors are certainly clean enough for buss work, in my opinion. It seems they have a reputation as a distortion or warmly box, but it can be audiophile clean.

I've found my distressors to work beautifully well on some material and not as well on others on the mix buss. It worked wonderfully on some synth mixes, but less well on a very exposed acoustic piano recording. However, I could see the Distressors working well on a piano recording of a different style, or perhaps guitar, although I haven't tried that.

In general, I found that using lower compression ratings, no distortion, and lighting up only the first 3-4 gain reduction led's kept the Distressors sounding very very clean indeed.