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Old 2nd May 2003
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Dave, boy do I agree with your philosophy there. I'm all for anybody making a pile of money from a product or two that is truly cool and useful, and that people willingly buy. It seems like once businesses get past a certain size they become predatory, preying on their competition, other unrelated companies, their employees, and ultimately their customers. And the sad part is it's not necessary.

So it's always great to see somebody running a company the old fashioned way. thumbsup

As a corollary to your story, I saw a guy on Johnny Carson a long time ago, who used to give a Christmas party every year for kids in poor inner city neighborhoods. He'd invite about 300 kids and they'd whoop it up with lots of good food, games, etc., and at the end he opened a big curtain and there was a bicycle there for every one of them! The looks on those kids' faces at the sight of those 300 shiny bicycles was something to see.

So Johnny asked this guy how he made his money. Turns out he invented the twist-tie that goes on trash bags. heh