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How does a company survive?

Really well, thank you! We have sold almost 7000 Distressors and almost 600 Fatsos. If you check out one of our other posts, our goal is to "Make a few good products, and support the hell out of them". Thats what we do.

A quick story. My dad took a boat cruise down to the Bahamas I think it was... and was sitting in a restaurant in this absolutely gorgeous marina. A friend pointed out a guy who walked in and said "Thats the guy who owns this Marina" My dad said "Wow, Nice Life" or something like that and wondered where he got the money. The friend said "You know those little valves on top of every spray can.. you know like deoderant cans, spray paint cans, silicone spray cans etc etc...?" My dad said "Yeah?". The other guy said " Well the owner of the Marina invented them".

A few good products....