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John Paterno!

Hiya. Been listening to several albums you mixed lately and love them! I had to give up the Jeffrey Gaines CD to one of the gang here and she wont give it back. Think I should fire her?

Also we love the John Osborne (SP) CD. That spends a lot of time in the car CD player. That album has such a mood to it, especially the first song with that wierd middle eastern modal melody. Crispy and full as hell. Incidently, i met Billy Ward, her drummer and partied with him and his wife in NYC last year at her Bday party. Geoff Daking took me there What a great guy. He has one hell of a Jazz record collection.

Since this is a gear oriented crowd... i have a technical question for ya. What De-essers do you use?? I used to like the Orban and the DBx modular one (the dBx902?), and then often used the little dBx 163's is it? They were cheap but seemed to work so well. I did this mod to them that just made sure no noise was added by the instrument jack on the front. Davd Blackmer from dBx was a genious and I was so sorry that he passed away recently. Earthworks is carrying on his legacy thank god, and Eric is one of those guys I try to spend time with at the shows.

SOooo... would u mind telling us your thoughts on de-essers? Any other tricks to getting those great vocal sounds you come up with?