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Character and nards and rat testicles? HA HAAAAA

OH man! Im chortling here... and I dont even know what that means!

I see new promotional literature coming out... may we use your guys quotes?? lol

You folks are just downright Kinky. I like it!

That being said... you know, designing gear, like any serious scientific or creative undertaking, you have to spend a horrid amount of hours alone, locked up and isolated from the world, tinkering, experimenting, revising, and doing things that really no one else can help you too much with. Its like homework, ya know?

Writing books, composing music, theoretical math, engineering, painting and anything artistic really, even physical sports and dancing require an unnatural amount of hours alone, concentrating on the snags and glitches that can prevent the break throughs of doing something different or exceptional. Some people work fast and really methodically and need less of this time than others. I'm not one of those, dammit. What Im getting around to is that hearing you all say these nice things kind of makes all that time worth it (ok, well... the money helps). So thanks again for makin me crack up and motivating me to go back to my lab and try to create things with "Rat Testicles" that will make you happy when you use them.
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