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Dang... I know Brian Eno (among lots of others) really loved those boxes but this is the first I ever heard about clipping the front end! There isnt any soft clippers in that Analog to Digital Converter really. I used a multiiplying Dac to control the gain digitally but the converters were a dual slope integrator chip from Sony. That converter put out a really good 15 and a half bits lol, and actually sounded really good. It also didnt use FIR filters which are the oversampling converters that everyone uses today, which i often wonder about. FIR Filters NEVER happen naturally i dont believe. But then niether did the 9th order analog Lowpass filters we used in the H3000! Ninth order filters by the way have a drop off rate of 54 dB per octave! The steepest Neve Filter ive seen is a 3rd order at 18dB per octave.

Im thinking here of how the H3000 front end clipped and I dont particularly remember it being smooth lol. I do know that i never let really nasty clipping occur - such as where there was a phase reversal or nasty spiky glitch. We used pre-emphasis and de-emphasis in those units which mite account for some of the smooth clipping, since the harmonics would be smoothed somewhat by the low pass affect of the high frequency de-emphasis after the output DAC. Analog tape recorders use emphasis. Hmmmm Interesting. Bringing back some memories too. Richard Factor, Ken Bogdanowicz, and Bob Belcher are some of my favorite characters in the world and taught me most of what I know about engineering.

Get any of the H3000's cuz they are all upgradeable to the H3500 which had Ken B's Mod Factory programs. Or you can just start with the 3500. BTW, that is still my first choice for harmonizing and some affects even tho its now 4 generations old. It had to do with getting the interface right!

Thats an interesting question, Bear. Thanks