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Different Ratio personalities?


Welcome and thanks for being here. I don't know how to phrase this question, but that has never stopped me before so here it goes anyway...

Is it correct that my beloved Distressor is actually several different digitally controlled comps.? I know that the different ratios have very different qualities and charactaristics (sp?).

Basicaly, if you could as genericaly or specificaly as you want, give us an idea of how the different ratios behave, beyond what's in the manual (which is way more informative than most, by the way.)

I.e. While it's obvious that 2:1 and 3:1 have softer knees and 10:1 (ultimately my fav) has its own "weird" attack and delay shape. I find myself wondering if, say an attack setting of 4 at 3:1 is as fast as an attack setting of 4 at 6:1? Generally it seams to my ears that the knees get sharper and attack and release times get more severe as the ratios increase. I know there is more of a difference than the ratio betwixt say, identical knob settings at 4:1 and 6:1.

It also sounds to me like there is different detector settings inherent in the different ratios. (?)

I hope this isn't too convoluted. I know it is all a little obsessive and academic since all the ratios are musical in their own way and I have found a use for them all. I just find that the more detailed information and understanding I have of my gear, the quicker and better I am as an AE.

Thanks for the great gear,

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