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Old 17th October 2009
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For 2K its an absolute no brainer...

Get a truck... hand over the cash and be done with it!

To recap..

Transamp opamps on the mic inputs.. I found these VERY punchy for drums.. kinda like (im not saying exactly!) API with out the transformer goodness.

Jensens on all outputs including the stereo buss

EQ is kinda OK, but pretty broad Q so its no surgical tool and the filters are functional.
buy yourself a 10 space API rack and fill it with 500 series.. there are more than enough quality eq on the market to fill out the rck and help you out on specialist tasks/sources where the EQ might not exactly cut it. Im not ragging on the EQ as its useable,... but hey look at my namesake and you may have an appreciation of where i'm coming from!

Fully pro specs in terms of headroom.. Ie+ 24DBu .

These are pretty stock in terms of signal path, functionality and parts. I am sure they could be tweaked and hot tod modded etc.

The fact it has a patch bay integral is almost worth the price alone when you think about it

For the small cost that the gent is asking you will save yourself a fortune of time and cash. Its a pro desk so get it setup/grounded properly and have a good tech go over it once its in its new home and settled and ake some cool music/mixes on it.