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Originally Posted by Wiggy Neve Slut View Post
RB.. How do you compare that 5316 to your 1608?


Hey Wiggy..apples and oranges.
pretty much as any older Neve would compare to an api.the neve is darker thicker sounding.will use the pre'/eq's for multitrack sessions thenoften switch over to 1084,V76 or Tonelux,api maybe daking for other key tracks/overdubs
the api is a lil cleaner,more open,punchy.
I often prefer the 212 mic pre's in the api vs 512's in a lunchbox .don't know why but they sound smoother/rounder..maybe more opamp junk to pass through.. dunno.
the api is generally more flexible routing /sonically.anything from hip hop,rock to jazz and tv/film -no problem
people float a super cool little Tonelux 24ch sidecar thingy btw the two which is probably the cleanest most open sounding of the lot.
Sonically all are A+