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Old 29th April 2003
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I decided to change #3 once again, but I can do that since someone added a #3 while I was away and it's my sandbox. The deal is that you can't do everything in a DAW and change it later, you need to commit to the album and the process as you go. If you vote for #3 I'd like to see an explanation of how you'd use the time.

My vote was for #2. Since the band doesn't know what the hell they want you have 10 different mixes to pick from later, odds are pretty good that they'd like at least one of them. Figure that's a song an hour which is pretty doable unless it's some huge 40+ track production, but I ain't talking about that. Keep it simple, a few gtrs, vocals, maybe horns or keys, bass & drums. At the very least it would be an interesting exercise to see how the mixes turn out. I'd take advantage of it by trying different things like panning all the vocals to one side and whatever. I figure I have 9 other mixes to fall back on so why not try something "whacky"? Plus, in theory the mixes should be getting better every day.