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Thanks for the added discussion.
Like I said, I have no clue how they're blowing them, but I wish I knew. Different assistants on different sessions. The assistants use the PrivateQ (MYTEK DIGITAL USA) 99% of the time, so limiters and filters on the inputs won't work. I can't run 12 limiters/filters just for headphone mixes in every room. The assistants have been using the PrivateQ for the past few years with the AKG and AudioTechnicas headphones and not blowing them at all. So the issue is obviously not the amp or patches or feeds or anything other than the headphones.

I used to run Sony 7506's all the time in a multi-room facility running que's off of Hafler 6000 amps and only blew one driver every month or two. I figured the 7509's had higher power ratings so I'd have no issues. WRONG. Must be the 63Ω impedance on those 7506's and only 24Ω on these damn 7509 headphones. Everything keeps pointing back to the low inpedance.

At the next staff meeting I'll explain to the assistants that it's easier to press "st mix" in the center section of the console and use a regular HP box than to patch the mix and a talkback feed into the PrivateQ when 80% of the session work with just the st mix to cues. (I assume the 100Ω power resistor in the que box will help the Sony 7509's in the same way that tINY and I have been discussing)

Thanks again guys!

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