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Originally Posted by pdiddy boy View Post
£1500 to £1800 is reasonable to me, and anyone else can chip in with a price if they like.
Well, a Control universal pro + 2 extenders tops out at £2,211.02, not too bad really, sure, it's a lotta wonga but the build of the units (the control universal pro in particular) is really very, very good, they make the Euphonics look ridiculous, plastic crap!

BTW, I don't work for Mackie, I picked my unit up from a guy on evil-bay for £600 just before the prices went stupid, maybe at some point they'll go down in price once everything starts to settle in the markets (FTSE, Dow Jones etc.)

Oh, and another thing, they certainly are not all plastic, they are pretty much all metal apart form the displays, you must of bought the old version of the MCU.