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OK... at this point I confess, I owned the Mackie Control Universal Pro for 2 days and sold it ! Why ? To be honest I found it overly complicated, just too many unneeded buttons ...not that mentally it was a challenge to work with but just I didn't feel like 1. I had enough faders ( 24 would be nice ) ...and 2. I just didn't like the build, felt too plasticy... I want to almost have that analogue desk feel ...I bet I'm sounding like a studio brat now. I do have the AlphaTrack now which I must say I love, but its only one fader.
What utter nonsense!

The MCU Pro is hardly plasticy as you put it, out of the DAW controllers I've seen thus far it's heads and tails better than anything available other than a C-24 and all the other stratospherically priced controllers.

I've the MCU Pro and it's a fantastically well made piece of gear, the Euphonics series of controllers to my mind are plastic toot, wouldn't waste my cash on them, just way over priced, the Behiringer offerings = Fisher Price to me, they're ok if you want a very cheap as chips solution, other than that I wouldn't waste any hard eared on buying a Behringer controller.

You get what you pay for in this day and age, its pretty rare to buy something that is very well made and at a very sensible price point.

Just for giggles, give us a ballpark figure you had in mind that you would be prepared to pay for a 24 fader unit?