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op - you are correct, there is a hole in this (pretty small) market. and you are also correct, you absolutely need the track names (but maybe not scribble script) to come down from the DAW, because even at 24ch its not enough and you get way mixed up on the screen versus what is in front of you. i have four mackie controls and without those meager displays i want to curse at for not being able to hold more characters, i would snap.

i could not fathom getting by using the us-2400 or the mixed logic one mentioned here with no track displays. i would rather mix with a mouse then get caught up in a "which one is this" game on every song as the screen and bank changes depending on your track count.

however, if one needs to look as to the value of a proper one look no further - all my mackies are almost worth what they were 5 or 6 years later (must be a record for outdated digital crap). this is quote astonishing and i scratch my head why tascam can't release a 2400 with meters and big display for much cheaper.

i've had my eye on the euphonics becasue i hate gunking up all my midi bandwidth with these MCU's and would welcome the change in protocol but not $4 grand.

and given how we've all been waiting, years and years and years, i wouldn't hold my breath. buy some used mackie controls (that work, use the buyer protection in paypal) and just call it a day.